God's Mission, Our Passion

God is the creator of all things. God is all-powerful and all-knowing.

Jesus Christ is the resurrected Lord, and salvation is by grace through faith in Him.

The Holy Spirit works in the lives of all believers.  

The Bible is God's Word and is the authority for faith and for life.

Each church is autonomous and self-governing, and we acknowledge Christ as the head of the church.

Believers are priests before God, but we are called to Christian community in the body of Christ.

Baptism is for believers and is by immersion.

We are called to Jesus' mission and to reach out around the world with His love expressed in words and in deeds.  

The State and Church should be separate, and all people deserve religious liberty.



We're passionate about Music - we believe it has a power to persuade, inform, build community, and glorify God. We view music as a powerful tool in Worship, and value it's presence in our church.


We value growth as believers, and believe that everyone has a place to grow here. We strive to provide deep, timely, and appropriate lessons and teachings in our bible studies and our services.


We’re called to missions - here in Shreveport, our nation, and beyond. We fully support women and minorities in ministry, and provide opportunities for everyone to serve. We believe everyone has something to give and everyone should serve.


Founded in 1845 by John Bryce, a Baptist minister and Collector of Customs, First Baptist began with nine members in either borrowed or rented quarters. The church eventually grew to a peak of five thousand members and occupies an impressive campus on Ockley Drive. Located originally in what was then a brawling river town, First Baptist has grown with the city of Shreveport, contributing to its civic leadership and influencing its development as it has grown into a regional center.